Daniela Connor

Graphic Designer


Deck Design

Color Theory
Layout Design
Brand Identity
Print Design/Production
Poster Design

Motion Media
UX/UI Design
App Design
Product Design


Movement Strategy Social Media

︎︎︎Instagram Grid & Story, TikTok︎︎︎

While Movement Strategy is making sure our clients have the best work, we also have to look out for ourselves. Someone’s got to keep the Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, LinkedIn, etc. running.

Posts type vary. Anywhere from a ‘we’re hiring post’ to ‘look at the funny stuff we’re tweeting’. They really want us to have fun with the social media account, hence my feature in our first TikTok video!

Check out our TikTok and see the other videos I was paid to make, haha!

Movement Strategy

︎︎︎DEI Webpage︎︎︎

I also had the opportunity to make the DEI webpage of our website! Collaborating with marketing and a third party for the actual build, this is what came together!

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion