Daniela Connor

Graphic Designer


Color Theory
Layout Design
Brand Identity
Print Design/Production
Poster Design
Motion Media
UX/UI Design
App Design
Product Design


Movement Strategy Accounts

Movement Strategy has several big name brands they work with. These are some of the others I’ve been fortunate to work on.

Movement Strategy Socials

Movement Strategy is a creative agency that’s better than anyone at leveraging a brand’s owned social media channels to capture the attention of the right people. Here’s how we did that for ourselves!

Amazon Fresh x Movement Strategy

Amazon Fresh is one of Movement Strategy’s biggest clients. We make sure their social media is looking spiffy.

Hally Hair IG Filter

Hally Hair is a new way to dye your hair, that’s mess free and healthy for your hair. Maybe you want to preview what the different hair colors would look like on you or maybe you want to mess around with a fun and engaging filter!

Target App Prototype

Target’s app is a great way for guests to enjoy the extra luxuries of Target. Working as a Target Guest Advocate I hear the frustration people have about the app. With this prototype I was able to fix those frustrations and make the app easier and more enjoyable for its users!

Filosofia Type Specimen

Type specimens are used to show people a typeface before they purchase it. I chose to animate the specimen and show off its unique character and personality through motion, bringing it to life.

Marvel Title Sequence

This stopmotion-esque title sequence was created for Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

Concrete Paper Promotion Book

CONCRETE is a Toronto-based creative agency. The goal was to design and produce an experimental book to show off the talent and creativity of the company, a coffee table book; make this book to peak a person’s interest and inspire them!

Apple WWDC Animation

This animation is a promotional advertisment for an existing creative conference.

Quickly Brand Guide

This brand guide is a rebrand for a local company in Atlanta called Quickly. In this guide, I’ve created the guidelines on how to use the logo, brand colors, brand patterns, and much more.

Cinematic Couture Invitation

Cinematic Couture was the collection of outfits featured in TV and film, which was being showcased during this time for the fashion museum referred to as SCAD Fash. This invitation was created to invite someone to a prestigious and honourable reception that SCAD Fash could host.